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    5.21 ~ Two Minutes To Midnight ~




I’ve realized that you can’t really hack someone’s tumblr like you can on Facebook. On Facebook you can update a status to say, “I like dick in the eyeball,” and everyone would be freaked out. On tumblr, people would be like, “yeah man me too.” Then post a gif from supernatural.


winnerwinnerchickndinner requested: Dean + Sleepy/Just Woke Up

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Never ending list of favorite scenes  (1.22) 4/

↳ No.

I love how we see in this episode Sam’s loyalty to Dean. we see it here, when it’s really hard to believe John is actually possessed, and Dean doesn’t need to explain much, he says ‘He’s different’  and  that’s enough, that’s good enough for Sam, and it takes him less than a minute to stand beside Dean. 

We will see it later on this episode when John is asking Sam to kill him, Sam is about to do it, until Dean says ‘No Sammy, don’t do it’, and he drops the gun. 


if you’re having a bad day just think at least you’re not this girl…


if you’re having a bad day just think at least you’re not this girl…

Lea Michele + her 14 tattoos


So, only 6 months later, Kurt and Blaine have broken up, Blaine has dropped out of NYADA and is now dating Karofsky

how fucking PISSED Blaine must be that he didn’t take June Dolloway’s advice?



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Quinn’s wardrobewaist belts

As long as we’re talking about costuming and gender, can we talk about this? I think nearly all of these costumes are from Seasons 2-4, after Quinn was pregnant and had Beth. Aside from the fact that belts look amazing on Dianna Agron, I’m thinking about the symbolism of chastity belts, and how that might relate to Quinn’s expression of sexuality and/or gender?

Also, Quinn strikes me as being someone who is often positioned as masculine, but I don’t have any concrete thoughts on it at the moment. Thoughts from others?

Well, since you pointed out Quinn’s pregnancy, my first thought is that she can wear these belts exactly as she would have before - the pregnancy didn’t permanently change her body.  Which might be significant in light of a) the way that her mother notices her dress not fitting and allows her to write it off as ‘I had a big lunch, need to exercise more’ in “Ballad”, b) the continued significance of the Cheerios uniform including talk about fitting into it, c) her desire, which iirc is explicitly stated at the start of s2, to keep living her life as if the pregnancy had never happened.  So the belts show/underline at least to herself, that she can do that, on at least a very basic, surface level.

Also I think they show/echo her being contained, both in character and in terms of ‘stuck in Lima’?  Related to some of the things people were saying earlier about Kurt’s bondage gear and Emma’s chains.